Sleek Career Privacy Policy
Policy Overview:

SleekCareer respects and values the privacy of its users greatly and never compromise on its privacy policy. The privacy policy is a brief and comprehensive policy that states the online data collection and practices that apply to It is not concerned with the information or data that we collect in any other form.

As SleekCareer is a big site, we have thousands of links of other websites. We do not take the responsibility or we do not guarantee about the privacy policy of the site you like to switch through the link present on our site. Yes, we do advise you to read the privacy policies of these sites, the link of which you like to switch.

Usage and Information Collection by SleekCareer:
When you choose SleekCareer to get registered, we ask you certain personality identification questions. These include: your name, contact number, email address, physical address and your NIC number. We also ask you to tell about your gender and simple interest questions.

We also select to gather information about our users like which type of services you want an access to. What areas of our site are concerned to you and we also track your browser. We do keep a record of your domain name and the site address along with the referral site provided by you. We keep focusing the quality of the services provided to you and do concern with the improved quality. None of this information discloses or is linked to your personal and contact details.

When you like a job posting and want to refer it to your friend, we send an automatic e-mail to your friend only one time. Here we only use your e-mail address to send this one time e-mail. Apart from this, we never use your e-mail nor do we share it with any third party. This is only between you and us. If you like to choose to log in to your SleekCareer account to send a personal message to personal contact, we never share it with any third party. We value your privacy and respect your personal concerns.

Personal Information on Resumes:
When you post your resume on SleekCareer, we give you two options:

  • Post your resume in our database and do not make it accessible to the employers. It means that you can use your resume to apply online for any job but your resume will not be searchable by the recruiters and employers through our database search program.
  • When you apply for a job on SleekCareer through confidential resume, the employer whom you send it will be able to view it.

There are some other points to consider:
If SleekCareer removes your resume, there may be other employers, human resource professionals who may have saved a copy of your resume; we are not responsible for that retention and their respective privacy policies.

Posting to Public Areas on SleekCareer:
If you post your resume or any other personal information, SleekCareer will not be responsible for the sharing of this detail. These public areas are searchable and employers can search the information found here through our searchable database program.

Use of Cookies: makes an extensive use of cookies to personalize or maximize your online job search. Cookie is a text file that SleekCareer assigns to your computer. The purpose of this cookie is not to bring viruses or to steal your computer information. Instead, the cookies help you to find more accurate and faster results. These cookies are automatically assigned and accepted by the web pages anyhow you can modify your browser for not to accept them.

The purpose of these cookies is to inform us that you have come back to a certain page. For example if you register at SleekCareer and personalize your account, you need not enter you user name or password every time you return to the page, the cookies will retain your information and will help you save your time.

Editing of Your Information:
SleekCareer gives you an option to review, add or remove your certain information that you have entered in your personal portfolio. You can log in to your account, by clicking on the tab “edit” you’ll be able to change the certain information of that area. You can also email our webmaster at “” or you can call at our customer centre any time at +92(0)3023440304.

If once you have enabled all the commercial e-mails, job alerts or the postings of third parties, you can make them disabled by editing your account settings.

In the same way, if you once decided not to receive any commercial e-mail or other related things but your mind was changed later on, you can enable all the notifications.

SleekCareer retain your personal information in a secure way in order to make you return and visit the page repeatedly; anyhow if you want to remove your resume, you can inform us through our feedback form. Your account will be deactivated, your all personal information will be removed and your resume will be deleted.

Security Measures to Protect Your Personal Profile:
SleekCareer has designed and opted certain tactful and secured measures in order to make sure that your personal information is saved from any accidental loss or unrecognized access but we can’t guarantee you that any third party can never defeat these security measures.

Children and SleekCareer:
SleekCareer is not made for the children below than the age of 13. Knowingly, we don’t accept information from a child below this age level.

Modifications in Privacy Policy:
If our company decides to bring any modification or the changes in the private policy, we will inform you through a permanent notice on the site. This notice will be place 30 days prior to the changes may take place.

If you feel that SleekCareer does not adhere to its privacy policy, please feel free to give us your feedback through our feedback form. We’ll make sure that your concern is entertained.

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